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If you have photos of nature, scenery and family, please submit to our Bear Country Form.

You've bagged your game; now share your story with your fellow Bear Archery enthusiasts.

When your submission is accepted you will receive an e-mail notification with a link for you to view your story online. If your submission is not accepted, you will receive a notification so that you may try to resubmit.

Keep in mind before you submit...

  • Please do not type in all capital letters. This will slow the review process and may delay approval.
  • You must have used a Bear Archery bow during the hunt being submitted.
  • Photos should be of good quality and in good taste, with the game presented in a respectful manner.
  • For best results, consider cropping your photo to remove unnecessary areas of the image and maximize
    the overall size and impact of your subject.

Tell us what equipment you used during the hunt, including accessories. (150 word max.)

Tell us about your hunt experience. (150 word max.)

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