Amnesty Kuntz hunting Whitetail Deer with the draw weight 50lbs gold tip xt hunter arrows 85gr slick trick broad head trophy ridge sight whisker biscuit arrow rest true fire release nikon prostaff 550 range finder

Amnesty Kuntz
lewis and clark county, Montana
The Story
My dad and I had seen 3 does right at dark the evening before and we decided to try and stalk up on them next morning. We spotted the deer at 150 yards crawled on our hands and knees down a draw. When i peeked over edge we were 40 yards away. Dad told me to get ready and all sudden she walked right towards us. When I drew back she jumped back and looked at me. Dad whispered 30 yards and I shot. She ran a little ways and fell over. My first deer and with bow. I did a perfect heart shot.
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