Cody Boyd Lasher hunting Whitetail Deer with the I was using a Bear lights out set at 56lbs. Shooting gold tip velocity with 100gr. Grim Reapers. My release was a true ball

Cody Boyd Lasher
crowing county, Minnesota
The Story
Well bow season started a day before my birthday this year and i sat and sat all day for three days straight and saw nothing so i gave it a while to cool down thinking that i might have boogered it up. So later on that week i came back determined to take a deer home. I was sitting on the stand and just waiting and all of a sudden i heard a lil twig snap so i got my bow ready looked to my left and saw a doe. So i got up drew back my bow and let the arrow fly! "SMACK" double lungs! so i got down off the stand and got my arrow and later followed my blood trail and got myself a beautiful doe.
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