Don Hazelton hunting Whitetail Deer with the Fred Bear Truth Bow Carbon Express Rebel Hunter 4560 Arrows True Glow Sight Tru Ball Release 125gr. Thunderhead Broadhead Primos Truth Cam 60

Don Hazelton
McPherson county, Kansas
The Story
I had been hunting this deer hard all season since opening day. I had see him several times through the season but he was never closer than 150 yards, I am convinced he always knew I was there. He would show up on the camera at all times of the day and night, thus he was hard to pattern. I hunted the morning of Nov. 29th and then the evening from the same stand. I had seen several does and bucks in the morning, I had not seen a deer during the evening hunt till he showed up. He gave me a 25 yard shot with only a few minutes of daylight left. He has 21 scorable points, unofficial gross 208", net 190" Only has 12 3/8" spread! Thanks for a great bow!
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