Kirk Brooks hunting Wildebeest with the Bear Motive 6, 70Lbs 29 inch draw length, Trophy Ridge 5 pin Sight, Limbsaver stabilizer, Scott release, Gold Tip Kinetic Hunter Xt 300 with Slick Trick Broadhead.

Kirk Brooks
South Africa county, North West Provice
South Africa
The Story
I was placed in a pit blind overlooking a water hole and salt lick. A young Kudu male was disturbed by a herd of Wildebeest coming in for a 5pm drink. It took almost 9 minutes for the big male to present a decent shot within the herd without wounding another animal. I drew back and placed an arrow straight through both lungs. The Wildebeest expired within 40yards of the blind. The shot was taken at a mere 17 yards.
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