Agnes Wojnar hunting Whitetail Deer with the I used my pinkcamo Bear Apprentice, with Trocar Muzzy broad heads and Gold Tip shafts. For apparel I wore Cabelas Outfit her which I will admit is way too noisy. I do a lot of ground hunting and stalking, silence is key.

Agnes Wojnar
Kansas, USA
The Story
The sun was just below the horizon and the grunts of several bucks swirled around us keeping me on my toes. Not wanting to give my position a way I remained focused on the grunts that came from in front of me. As the sun slowly peaked over the distant horizon a doe made her way through the CRP in front of me. I knew this was it; right behind her was a nice whitetail buck. I watched as he made his way to me completely unaware that I stood 20 yards in front of him. As he put his head down I drew back, holding in full draw I waited as he stepped into a slight clearing. Without hesitation I let her fly. Meat in the pot! My Dad would say. 5O yards away lay my first Kansas White tail. Bear you have my thanks.
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