Michael Bishop hunting Whitetail Deer with the Gold Tip XT Hunter arrows with Spitfire 100 grain mechanical broadhead, Viper H500 sight, Tru Fire release, and Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit rest.

Michael Bishop
Wayne county, Ohio
The Story
On October 16, 2013 during an evening hunt on a private farm this bruiser showed up with only about 20 minutes left of shooting time. Although we had not seen this deer on the property before, the farmer had informed us that he had seen a big deer in the area. It was a slow hunt until this guy appeared from out of a standing corn field less than 40 yards away. He turned and walked toward me stopping 15 yards away broadside. The shot hit both lungs and a portion of the heart. He ran approximately 100 yards before he crashed. He had a gross score of 197.6.
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