Weston Williams hunting Whitetail Deer with the The bow of choice I used was a Bear Encounter, with Trophy Ridge accessories. The broadheads I used were Rage 3 blade. And I had a Bushnell range finder by my side.

Weston Williams
Hardin county, Tennessee
The Story
I got to the stand at around 3:00 p.m. It was a clear day with temps around 45 degrees. It hadn't been even 20 minutes when 2 deer entered the field just out of bow range. They stayed in the field until they were spooked at around 4:30 by something in bushes. Then next thing I know the deer run out of the field. I look at the bush and there he was. A bobcat, I drew back and let him come in at 20 yards then I stopped it and shot. The arrow went straight through. After about 15 minutes we found him about 40 yards away in the brush.
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