Trevor Stuttgen hunting Whitetail Deer with the 2013 Bear Domain, Trufire release, Easton aftermath arrows,and Rage 100 grain 2 blade expanding broadheads.

Trevor Stuttgen
marathon county, Wisconsin
The Story
I was out hunting on the second weekend of Wisconsin's bow season sitting over a standing cornfield. About an hour before dark I had already saw 9 deer including a smaller 8 pointer that I passed up. Then this buck walked out at 100 yards before going into the cornfield and eating. After about 45 minutes he started to walk towards me. He got to 25 yards were he was quartering towards me. I made the shot which was a little bit back but I hit one lung and liver. He only went 100 yards and we found him that night. He gross scored 149 6/8 which isn't to bad for my first buck with the bow.
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