Francis Mest hunting Whitetail Deer with the `Bear Charge Bow 60 lbs draw RTH, Whisker Biscuit rest,Trophy Ridge quiver.Trophy Ridge 3 pin sight, Carbon Express 350 Heart Attack Arrows, Swacker 100 grain Broad heads, true ball release,Real tree AP camo jacket and cover halls. knight and hale grunt tube, Premois deer roar grunt call and premios can call. Special Golden Estrus doe in heat lure and a Garella harness.

Francis Mest
Wyoming county, New York
The Story
I was Hunting WNY Bow Season at the end of the day. The rut was on and I hope to see a Buck.I looked behind me.There was a doe coming fast. I got up turned around and drew my bow .I released the arrow and hear the swack of the broad head, it hit her spine and she went down. I look up and there was a Buck following her. Then the Buck came in range.I had a Buck tag in my pocket too,so I drew and released a arrow at him I heard it hit and he circled to my left. I put another arrow in him and he ran off. I call my son, he help me get the doe out and then we then track the buck, we back out and found him the next morning.
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