Michael Velez hunting Whitetail Deer with the Trophy Ridge React Sight, Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit, Carbon Express Maxima Blue Streak arrows, Shwacker Broadheads, Summit Climber

Michael Velez
Baltimore county, Maryland
The Story
I was hunting with a good buddy. I got set up in my climber about 70 yards from a ladder stand I had hunted several times which is on the edge of a nice really thick bedding area. While in that ladder stand, I saw several bucks on a few sits using a trail that was just out my bow range. So I hoped I would see this particular buck again when I set up 30 yards from that trail. At around 7:00am I heard hard chasing about 100 yards off. This buck was on the move, and a very special doe led him my way on that trail. I only had a few shooting lanes. Fortunately I was able to grunt him into stopping 33 yards from my stand. Heart shot and I was able to see this deer fall about 50 yards from my stand.
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