Sherrie Roach hunting Boar with the Bear outbreak, spot-Hogg 7 deadly pins, 36 lb draw weight

Sherrie roach
Osborne county, Kansas
The Story
I love to rifle hunt deer in Kansas, but I wanted to do something more challenging - bought my first bow January 2013. I couldn't even draw 20lbs or hit target at 10 yds! Finally I can draw 36 lbs & hit every target 20-50 yds! Finally, ready for hunting ..... Went on a wild pig hunt in Florida & at 35 yards my arrow went straight through first shot - but the 2nd shot went right behind the shoulder exactly where I wanted! I could not believe it - my guide was just as shocked as he clapped & cheered! All other hunters that day, including my dad (pictured), were carrying rifles, & there I was with my little bow :-) So much fun, now I can aim for Kansas deer with my bow!
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