Mike S. Clark hunting Whitetail Deer with the Big game hang on stand, two blade rage broadheads, easton arrows, bushnell rangefinder,code blue doe doe in heat and dominant buck.

Mike S. Clark
miami county, Kansas
The Story
Ive been bow hunting 7 years now and 6 of them have been Bear archery years. Ive been lucky enough to hunt a small property not far from my house. Planted a couple of food plots and have set up a mineral sight as well. Got a few pictures of this buck but only saw him once in 2012 with half his rack missing. Nov. 5 at 230 i saw him again following a doe strait to my tree. 25 yards broadside. The method did work and he went 40 yrds. No official score yet but we got 182 b4 deductions.
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