Russ Drury hunting Whitetail Deer with the Bear Motive-6, Extreme EXR Sight, QAD Rest, B-Stinger Stabilizer, Easton ACC Prohunter Arrows, Razortrick broadhead and Scott release

Russ Drury
Missouri, USA
The Story
This is my first year hunting with a Bear bow and I was excited to be drawn for a managed hunt with a buddy of mine (he shoots and Anarchy). These hunts are used to control deer populations and they WANT you to take does. Excited to see what the new bow can do, I ended up shooting this nice Missouri doe at 8 yards. Complete pass through and the arrow never even slowed down. It literally buried the arrow 6 inches into the dirt after the pass through. She only went 50 yards after the shot. Thank you Bear Archery for such an incredible product, hope to have more pics to add only with antlers!!! OH, and my buddy whacked a nice doe with his Anarchy the following day, so the Bear bows are helping with Missouri herd management.
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