Rick Hammond hunting Whitetail Deer with the Bow: Motive 6 in Shadow 70 lbs & 29 inch draw Sight: Micro Hitman Arrow rest: Revolution Arrows: Victory VAP Broadheads: Meat Seeker 100 gr. three blade.

Rick Hammond
Lyon county, Kansas
The Story
On my first morning in the stand, on a new farm, I turned an arrow loose on my first Whitetail using my Motive 6. This doe walked in and gave me a quartering to shot. I put my 20 yard pin on the tip of the on side shoulder and let it fly. My arrow went right between the Humorous and Scapula, through the joint. The arrow took out both lungs and cut the heart muscle. The doe fell 30 yards from where the arrow made contact with her. This bow is the most accurate, hardest hitting bow that I have ever shot! The Meat Seek head is tough!!! Not one thing on the head was damaged, AT ALL! It is back in the quiver to do the job of killing once again!
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