Brian Steffen hunting Whitetail Deer with the

Brian Steffen
Polk county, Minnesota
Bear - Done Deal
The Story
This is so far my biggest buck I have shot with any kind of equipment, last year I hunted this same spot and I killed a 7 pt in November and that was my first buck. This year I moved my stands to a river bottom that was kind of like a shelter belt between a soy bean field and corn field. So I got in my stand late, it was a last minute decision to go bow hunting instead of duck hunting. I got out to my spot at 5:30, and I saw two does right away and I let them pass. Then when I thought I wasn't going to see another deer, he came through the corn sounding like a freight train, but he turned the other way and started to walk out of my view so I grunted to get him in and it worked! 18 yds
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