Joshua Williams hunting Whitetail Deer with the Fred Bear-SQ32, SuperSlam Arrows, and Viper Venom Broadheads

Joshua Williams
Pawnee County county, Oklahoma
The Story
Daughter and I were hunting mid October when I heard the buck behind us. My daughter was spotting with bino's and I asked her if there was a deer behind me and she said it's a buck. Turned my head and the buck was already on top of us. He stopped at a fence and turned around to loop behind our stand and come around on our right. He stopped five feet from our stand and looked right at us for about 5 minutes as my daughter was standing with one foot in front of the other and trying to stay frozen while maintaining her balance. The buck turned around and looped around some thorn thickets 40yds out. He stepped past the thickets and I let it fly with a perfect shot. He went about ten yards and crashed. Tied for the best hunt ever.
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