Brady Glauser hunting Mule Deer with the For this hunt I used my Bear Odyssey 2. I used my G5 Montec Broadheads, and Warrior arrows. On my bow I have a Tru Glo stabilizer which helped a lot. I had my bow set at 40 lbs draw weight. I used a Bushnell 1000 arc rangefinder, and I wore my Natural brand camo.

Brady Glauser
United States county, Utah
The Story
This year our city was doing a city limits deer hunt, so I got permission from the city attorney to hunt in the city limits. My dad left on an elk hunt in Colorado the week my extended archery deer hunt was happening. I decided that him being gone wasn't going to stop me from hunting. I went into the field behind my house hunting every day. After about a week of hunting I got a shot at my buck. My shot was about 30 yards away broadside, so I took it. I could hear the arrow hit him hard and I knew it was a good hit. He ran about 50 yards and died. After that I had my mom, sister, and friend help me. I gutted it by myself too. I think I'm a pretty good bow hunter for being 13 years old.
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