Brant Gilbertson hunting Whitetail Deer with the I used a Bear Lights out fitted with Tall Tine Custom bowstrings from Glacial Lakes Archery. Look them up on Facebook, highly recommended!

Brant Gilbertson
South Dakota, USA
The Story
On a perfect night in November I grabbed my bow and headed to the stand. I heard something coming along the lake. This buck walked by once then ducked into some trees and stepped back out at 30 yards. He walked to about 35 yards where I stopped him quartered towards me ready to run so I settle the pin and watched the arrow fly. The arrow struck the deer in front of the front shoulder. I nearly fell out of my stand after I made the shot. I waited a bit then went back to the house to let the deer settle. Me, my cousin, my uncle, my brother, and my dad all went and tracked the deer. The deer ran 75 yards from where I shot it. Me and my Dad were both equally excited and proud that I had harvested my first good sized buck.
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