Chad Nicoletti hunting Whitetail Deer with the 2009 Bear Game Over 65 lb dw. RTH package. Muzzy MX-3 100 gn. Beman ICS Hunter pro 340. Truball rackmaster release.

Chad Nicoletti
Geauga county, Ohio
The Story
2012 was my first season of whitetail hunting ever. I started hunting at age 27 and I jumped into the game with bowhunting.. I never liked to hunt mornings but this Saturday my cousin was able to join me in the hunt. We have a blind and a stand that share the same corn pile. When "Spike" rolled up at about 7:30 am I had him in my shooting lane at 18 yds but he didn't stop to eat. He headed toward the blind my cousin was in and then unexpectadly turned around and headed toward the feeder. He passed behind the tree the feeder was on and I drew back. His third step out into the open proved fatal as I made a double lung shot. He ran about 25 yards into a huge pile of brush and expired in less than 1 minute.
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