Bob Solimena hunting Southern Greater Kudu with the I was shooting a Fred Bear TD recurve at 65# that I short draw to about 59#. I make my own arrows with Easton 2212 aluminum shafts, 100 grain Magnus 2 blade BHs, and 3 Goose feather 5" fletching with Easton uni nocks. The arrows weight 480-500 grains.

Bob Solimena
Sacramento county, California
South Africa
The Story
My first trip to Africa. On the first Day of the hunt out of Kimberley, South Africa I had spent all day in a blind over a waterhole with my PH Evert of Hunt The Sun Safari's. It was around 4/5 PM when A heard of Kudu came in to water. The young and females came in first very cautiously, then A young bull came in and i was going to shoot it, but Evert told me to wait as there was a bigger more mature one lagging behind. When I saw him come in at around 17 yds I know he was the one. I drew my Fred Bear TD to anchor and released a perfect arrow that entered right behind the shoulder. He ran about 200 yes and dropped.
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