Jason Horn hunting Wild Turkey with the 2011 Mauler. 28" draw length, 60lb draw weight. AXT carbon carnivore 5 pin sight. AXT triad stabilizer. Octane hostage rest. Easton flatline arrows. Muzzy Broad heads. Truefire hardcore buckle foldback release.

jason horn
California, USA
The Story
Thanksgiving 2012. Me and my buddy dan set up on the edge of a field where we knew some turkeys were roosting. At first light we realized we had set up 40 yds from them without spooking them. As we watch them fly down Dan hits the call and tries to get their attention. We had two Toms come in and I smoked the second tom at 20 yds. Fast and easy, had the bird plucked n cleaned and ready for the fryer. This was my first turkey ever. Ill be remembering this turkey day for years to come. Thanks Bear!!!
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