Richard Baskin hunting Whitetail Deer with the Mauler RTH set at 70# Carbon Express Speed Freak arrows Carbon Express Torrid broadheads

Richard Baskin
Wayne county, New York
The Story
As I entered the tree line, I was greeted with a loud snort weeze! What a way to start my hunt! As the sun started to rise I began to grunt and low and behold, 1 doe and 2 fawn came out and I took my shot and the doe, and thought I put it on her. But, when I went down 20 minutes later, no blood. So, I went back up the tree. I grunted again and this buck came right to my stand. He circled around the tree wondering where the grunt was coming from. When he started to make his exit back where he came from, I stood, aimed, and got him to stop. I put it right through the heart at 30yds. My first buck! The Mauler rocks!
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