Allen Wanta hunting Whitetail Deer with the Bear carnage bow, Wasp Jackhammer 125 broadheads,

Allen Wanta
Marathon county, Wisconsin
The Story
After shooting a doe about 1 hour earlier that morning, wanted to give her time to sit. seen two more deer. decided to start coming down and heard some noise where the doe went down, grabbed my binoculars to see what the noise was and seen him trying to get the doe up! (wasn't working)He didn't waist his time with her and started coming straight in at me on a mission. Grabbed my bow and tried to get ready. He went behind some trees pulled my bow back when I seen him I grunted at him to stop him and it didn't work. He now turned to a slight quartering away shot at my next shot opening I grunted even louder and that made him slow down enough to get my shot. He went about 80 yards and piled up!(All this happened in about 8 second's...)
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