Cody Boyd Lasher hunting Bear with the I was using the Bear Lights out, sent control suit, bear logo cap FMJ arrows. i was also using Scent Lock spray, and my good oll trusty buck knife. My broadhead was the Grim reaper razor cut!!!

Cody Boyd Lasher
Ontario, Canada
The Story
I was in Ontario Canada with my dad and I was on my first bear hunt ever. My dad bagged his bear the first morning and it took me all the way to the second to the last day to bag mine. I got out on the stand at mid afternoon, and about 30 min I got on it started to poor rain and it lasted for about an hour. once it quit it wasn't 10 min and I saw it come walking in and i started to ring up my bow and I tapped the side of the stand. It paused then started coming in and I drew back when it was behind brush and then it came out into the open and I let it fly, it flew straight right behind the shoulder and zipped threw it and watched it drop not 20 yards away.
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