Joe Coder hunting Whitetail Deer with the Bear encounter RTH with Ted Nugent GT arrows 100 gr muzzy three tips and limb savers silencers This story is much more epic than whats here. There's not much room to type.

Joe Coder
curry county, New Mexico
The Story
Deer came right up to the feed plot and he was about 10-15 yards way from the end of my arrow. I got buck fever so bad. The arrow went right over the top of him. I was so upset this was going to be my first buck, and I blew it. I thought it would haunt me forever. On the last day of hunting I saw him again. About a hour into the hunt I'm surrounded by doe and yearlings, around 9 deer total. Then the 10 point that missed before walked under the feeder and he was chowing down. He was about 18 yard away I lined up my shot, went through my checklist in my head, about three times. Sent the arrow straight through lung, heart, lung! We found him about 60 yard away lying in a huge cactus. My first buck, PRAISE THE LORD
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