Jack Purcell hunting Fallow Deer with the Bear Mauler @ 64lbs and 26.5" draw length using easton powerflights and 125gn rage two blades

Jack Purcell
Australia county, Vic
The Story
Bow hunting in Australia is very small in my area so I've done pretty much all my learning by myself and with one mate. We were hunting through a patch of stringybark when we saw three bucks heading our way. We got down on our knees and waited as they slowly moved towards us. As they approached close I called to stop them but the black buck in the lead kept trotting while this guy stopped behind a tree. He took a few more steps and came into view between two trees giving me a narrow range for a shot, almost quartering towards me fully my brother read out the range at 35metres and I released at his chest. In my excitement and nervousness I hit him square in the throat and he went down 40metres away. Hunt of a lifetime – next goal is an American whitetail.
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