Matthew Middaugh hunting Boar with the Bear Anarchy and 27" Draw 67 lb. Draw weight G5 XR2 sights G5 Expert Pro rest G5 Meta peep G5 Mag Loc Quiver Winner's Choice x8190 strings Trophy Ridge Shockstop Deluxe Gold Tip Pro Hunter Rage 100 Grain 2 Blade Broadhead

Matthew Middaugh
Putnam County county, Tennessee
The Story
I had the opportunity to go to Tennessee for a weekend and hunt Russian Boars as well as Razorbacks. This was my first hog, and we put a good stalk on him before he presented a 20 yard shot. The Anarchy was extremely quiet, and after the shot he went maybe 40 yards before going down. This hog was the largest one of our trip, coming in at just under 300 pounds. I have been beyond impressed with the performance of my bow, and will be a Bear owner for life!
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