Corey Gall hunting Whitetail Deer with the Bear TRX, BEEMAN Arrows, RAGE broadheads

Corey Gall
TURNER county, South Dakota
The Story
First day of South Dakota's 2012 East River Firearms Season: My son talked me into taking him out on the first day. I had him sitting on a stock Dam grade 200 yards away with his rifle while I sat in my treestand with my bow. After daylight a small buck crept by my stand. It wasn't long before this nice 5X6 tried to slink by on the outside of the shelterbelt heading to a cattail slough. Stopped him at 10 yards and made a clean pass through son saw him go down on the edge of the slough....second dandy buck taken from this stand in 3 years and the 3rd P&Y buck with this bow in 4 years. Thanks to Bear Archery for making such a great kids are also shooting bows from Bear also.
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