Francis Mest hunting Whitetail Deer with the Bear Charge Bow RTH Troyphyridge quiver and 3 pin sight with a Wisker Biscuite rest. Carbon Express Heart attac arrows with a 2" Swacker broad head. I was wearing Real tree AP cammo. I used Bushnell range finder and a Garilla G-20 tree Harness.

Francis Mest
Wyoming county, New York
The Story
It was the last day of the W N Y Archery season. I went to my stand a hemlock tree climed up and hoped for a buck. I called every 15 or 20 minute. I heard a deer walking beging me.I looked over my shoulder. I got my range finder out ranged the buck at 30 yards. I stood up and waited for him to come into a clear spot between the trees. I put the bottem pin behind his shoulder and touched the release Swack I heard the arrow smack him in the ribs and saw him side step. I knew I had a good shot on him he ran maybe 70 yards and fell dead dubble lunged. I love this stuff and my bear bow.
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