David J. Miller hunting Whitetail Deer with the NAP stabilizer, Vapor Trail rest, Goldtip arrows, Rage broadheads, Bushnell optics, NAP arrow wraps, Primos hunting calls, and Realtree camo.

David J. Miller
West Virginia, USA
The Story
I got in the woods about 1 pm that day. Leaves have fallen so I could see a lot of the wooded valley below. I knew the bucks were cruising around in my area so I decided to hit the bleat call and horns every 15 minutes. As 4 pm rolled around I was getting a little worried I wouldn't see a mature buck before shooting light ended. After watching a few does work up around me I happened to look to my left and saw this buck. He worked toward me within a few minutes. I was up off the seat and had my bow ready by the time he came into my shooting lane. I pulled my bear bow back and put a perfect double lung shot on him. He ran about 40 yards and fell. Not the biggest in the books but I was happy.
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