Allen Skidmore hunting Whitetail Deer with the trophy ridge cypher 5 sight,revolution rest,beacon quiver. trophy ridge Blast arrows and rocket meatseeker broadheads.Fletcher 44 caliper release and trupeep.

allen skidmore
lorain county, Ohio
The Story
I arrived at my stand at 4:45, just happy to be in the woods on a pleasant fall afternoon. At 7:05PM I heard a deer walking down the ridge from me. I first saw his antler and I stood up,grabbed the bow and faced him. He came up the ridge to me and stopped at 15 yards,and looked up. He then moved to my left, stopped looked at me again and walked around the trees in front of me.As he moved into the open I shot him at 12 yards and he was down in seconds.It happened so fast that I hardly had time to get excited.the evening was as good as it gets!
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