Justin Lanclos hunting Feral Hog with the Bear Anarchy Shadow Series LH 70#, Hardcore Custom Strings, Trophy Ridge Revolution Rest, Trophy Ridge Shock Stopper Stabilizer, Rocket Sidewinder Broadheads, Gold Tip Velocity XT Arrows

Justin Lanclos
Beauregard county, Louisiana
The Story
I took my then 5 year old son, Carter, to a local ranch to get a hog with my new bow. After only a few minutes in the stand a herd of hogs came trotting less than 15 yards from us. I drew back once the last one passed us up. My Rocket Sidewinder met its mark and passed completely through the hog's shoulders. He barely made it 10 yards from the initial point of impact. My equipment performed flawlessly. Thank you Bear, Trophy Ridge, and Rocket for making deadly reliable equipment.
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