Bryce A. Tucker hunting Whitetail Deer with the Bear Charge, 163 LBS, 30 IN Draw.

Bryce A. Tucker
Geary county, Kansas
The Story
I went looking for a new hunting spot two days prior at the beginning of a horrible winter storm. On the morning of the harvest I was walking down a tank trail on FT. Riley, KS when I saw two doe and a spike move across the tank trail at the same spot I had previously found. I moved into the piled up brush and sprayed some estrous, bleated three times and out popped this big'ole boy 20 yards away. I took the shot at approximately 0930, stood up, packed my calls and grabbed my bow. Thinking this was going to be a long day of tracking I walked about 100 yards to find him lying in the snow on the side of a very steep draw. He weighed 148, had 11 full tangs and 2 one inch tangs.
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