Remington Bundt hunting Whitetail Deer with the I have a Fred Bear Instinct bow with a Vital Gear sight, Easton Carbon Excel 340 grain arrow, and a wisker bisquit. I was wearing Dream Season Scent Loc clothing. All equipment and clothing was purchased and recommended by Chris at Vance Creek Archery.

Remington Bundt
Dunn county, Wisconsin
The Story
I am writing this story for Remington who is 13 years old. Remington was hunting a wooded hilltop on the 13th of November 2007 between 5:00 and 5:30 in the afternoon. Remington does not hunt from a stand, he still hunts on the ground. He spotted the deer while it was feeding and slowly moved around; crawled up on his knees within 20 yards; raised up and shot. The deer only ran 35 yards and went down. This is Remington's first buck shot with a bow. It was an 8 point buck but some of the right side tines are broken off.
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