Zachary Shumpert hunting Whitetail Deer with the Bear Apprentice Bow Easton ST Epic Arrows Magnus Stinger Broadhead Realtree AP Camo Nockturnal lighted nocks Scott release

Zachary Shumpert
Orangeburg county, South Carolina
The Story
I was hunting in the evening and my uncle was setting near me and let me know he shot a deer at 5:15 PM (with his new Bear Method), at 5:30 PM I thought that the hunt was pretty well over since it was starting to get dark, then this doe stepped out at 20 yards, I didn't even have time to stand up, so I shot her while I was still setting down. I knew the shot was good. The arrow went through both lungs and was hanging out of the deer as she ran off. The arrow snagged on a limb and came out, I could see the lighted nock lying in the bushes. We recovered the arrow (covered in blood) and found the deer only about 25 yards from where I shot her. She weighed 130 pounds, my largest deer yet.
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