Sonny Fleshman hunting Whitetail Deer with the I used a Bear Attack set at 60 draw weight, 29 inch Beaman ICS Hunter arrows with 4 inch feathers. The broadheads were 3 blade rage.

Sonny Fleshman
Muscogee county, Georgia
The Story
I have used Bear bows for the past 25 years and on Saturday December 17th, I took my biggest deer to date with my Attack. At 7:22 I heard the rustling of leaves to my front and knew this was not a bird or squirrel. I first saw him at 55 yards in a small bottom. I knew he was big so I tried not to focus on his rack. He turned and slowly made his way up on the finger ridge I was on, and stopped behind a tree. I drew back and watched as he made his way to within 10 yards of my tree. He stopped slightly quartering towards me and looked straight up at me. I touched the trigger and watched my arrow hit home just behind the shoulder. I heard him crash and recovered him 75 yards from my tree.
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