Bob Solimena hunting Greater Kudu with the 65# ear TD, 8 Strand Endless loop Fast Flight string , 2212 Easton Cosmic Eclipse Shafts @ 25" with MagnusII 100 grain Classic Vented Broadheads. Three 5" Goose feather fletching, 6 Arrow side Quiver by Duane Jessop...

Bob Solimena
Sacramento county, California
South Africa
The Story
The first day of bowhunting found me sitting in a blind about 1 or 2 mile from Imbasa lodge in South Africa. My PH Evert and I sat in the blind from about 10am to some time before dusk. Around 5 pm game started to trickle in as it had been a very hot day. A herd of Kudu came to water. I knocked an arrow and waited. Soon a nice bull showed up, he turned broadside, I drew, anchored, and loosed an arrow into the center of the kill zone. Evert watched him retreat and after a minute or two said, "He's down". As we approached the downed bull I could see he was a magnificent trophy. He had traveled maybe 150-200 yds. Evert turned to me smiled and shook my hand. The Bear TD Bow had done its job flawlessly.
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