Brian Otto hunting Whitetail Deer with the I used a Bear Super Kodiak in 55# with a 60''draw Carbon Express Heritage 250 arrow Simmons Razorshark 165g Broadhead

Brian Otto
Ontario county, New York
The Story
Jumped this guy in his bed in September and set up on him. Had to wait for the right conditions, morning after a cold night with the thermals rising due to the swirling wind in this spot. Saw 7 bucks before him, wheezing, grunting, fighting all while chasing a couple of unlucky does. After it all settled down I heard splashing in the creek and it was him heading back to his bed late, just like I had hoped since it had rained during the night and he was out following some good scent. Came on my bad side behind me but was able to make the shot at 10 yards. He went 20 yards and was done in 30 seconds. 200 lbs. dressed, 147''
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