Joe Boy Palacios hunting Whitetail Deer with the Bear Apprentice, Pop up Bow Blind

Joe Boy Palacios
Webb, Texas county, Texas
The Story
Christmas Eve Buck! Joe Boy, 12, this summer decides to try a bow. We did a research and deteremined the Apprentice would be perfect. My office closed early on Cristmas Eve gaving us enough time for an afternoon hunt. We specifically told his mother my wife we would not be late for Christmas Eve Dinner. He has put in about 35 hours of waiting, patience and hunting before this great opportunity. His buck stepped out at about 17 yards and Joe Boy placed the arrow right behind the shoulder blade.We heard him crashed and waited 30 miuntes. We found his Buck piled up at 55 yards from the blind. His Christmas present came early, his mother was upset because we were late for Christmas Eve Dinner, but as soon as he told her the story she was proud of our son.
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