Joshua MacFarlane hunting Moose with the 70 lb Draw weight 29 inch draw lenght Bear Attack bow 100gr Spitfire max expandable broadheads Carbon Express blue Streak arrows

Joshua MacFarlane
Canada county, Ontario
The Story
Sept 17 2012. My cousin Denver and I where hunting In an old logging cuttover in Northern Ontario. It was a nasty windy/rainy day and we got set up for the evening not knowing if there were any moose in the area. As the evening went on there was 30 minutes of shooting light left, as i was looking around I caught a glimps of The bull at 65 yards downwind of me smelling the wind, Luckly for me the rain was breaking my scent up, I was able to sneak 5 yards closer in order to get a clear shot. I shot the moose at 60 yards. We left him sit over night to be safe, the next day we found his tracks which lead us to him out in the lake, needless to say I am very impressed with the Attack and with all of Bear archery Equipment.
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