Andrew Gregory hunting Whitetail Deer with the I was using a 2011 Bear Attack with a 29" draw and 55 lb. weight, Armortech HD sight, Ripcord Rest, Trophy Ridge shock stop Stabilizer, Beman ICS arrows and G5 Striker Broadheads.

Andrew Gregory
Missouri, USA
The Story
I was hunting public land here in Missouri. Early a doe came running to within thirty yards of my stand. Having not killed anything yet this year I was anxious to get some meat in the freezer, so I readied to take the shot when she stopped. But something else was moving in the brush behind her about forty yards. I looked where she came from and the biggest buck I have seen while bowhunting was following her trail, almost to a tee. Already up and with bow in hand I had a spot picked out at forty yards. Needless to say 250 yards and a walking blood trail later I was holding this buck, my biggest yet. Taxidermist told me that he would guess his age at 7 1/2 years old. Thank you Bear the bow was flawless.
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