Mitchell Carter hunting Whitetail Deer with the The bear charge bow,trophy ridge sight and whisker biscuit. Scott archery release. Blood sport arrows by Easton. Shwacker broadheads,nocturnal lighted nock. Jackknife cellphone mount to take video.

Mitchell carter
Allen county, Indiana
The Story
Ten minutes after being in my stand 25 minutes before sunlight. I hear a buck grunting and lots of crashing from chasing a doe right before sunlight. I could see the shadows of them leaving. I heard some noise behind me and there was a buck not 30 yards away. I shot him and he only went 50 yards before expiring. That day I saw 6 bucks and 7 does. Only one was bigger then the one I shot. This was my first buck. I purchased a used Mathews drenalin bow over the summer. Just never got comfortable with it so I sold it. Went back to my bear. I have only taking whitetail deer with my bear charge. I have 1 buck and 2 does this year.
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