Jaco Timmerman hunting Kudu with the I have settled on the Carbon Express Pile Driver 350 arrows, 31” in length, 20 grain extra weight on the insert with a Muzzy 125gr broad head – 4” Vane Tech fletches with a steep twist. Total arrow weight 520 gr. The bow produces 68 pound draw weight and propels the arrow at 268fps.

Jaco Timmerman
Empangeni, South Africa county, Empangeni, South Africa
South Africa
The Story
We walked into the heard of kudu at dusk on the way to the hide, no shot was on offer. I made my way to the hide never the less. Sitting in the hide as the cold starting to get to me my head was playing games with me, the previous evenings starting to take their toll!! An hour passed and I decided it was time to go; I was tired, demoralized and looking forward to a good knight’s sleep. Next thing there were lots of action right in front of the hide, kudu everywhere!! A young kudu bull presented a perfect broadside shot. The cows made a gap for me to take a shot, I drew my bow, took aim – activated the light with the micro switch, finalized the pin position on my kudu and let fly!! Double lung shot, he made almost 100 yards before expiring.
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