Jason Erb hunting Whitetail Deer with the Bear Attack Bow set at 62# Ripcord Arrow Rest Cobra DRM Sight - One pin set at 20 yards Limbsaver 6" Stabilizer Kwikee Kwiver - 4 arrows tipped with lethal Two-Bladed Rage Broadheads TRU Ball Pro Diamond XTreme

Jason Erb
Stark county, Ohio
The Story
Ten minutes after legal shooting time I noticed a deer walking about 60 yards in front of me. As it started to walk closer, I noticed that it was a buck. I was not getting real excited because I knew that I was waiting on a 130" or larger buck. He continued to walk towards me. He slowly continued his walk as I sized-up his antlers. I knew that he did not quite reach my own 130" standard, but close. He was now standing at 17 yards, broadside. I still did not stand up because was not sure if "he was the one". I quickly decided that he'll be my 2012 buck! I stayed seated as I drew back my Bear Attack. As I let go of my Indian bullet, I knew the shot was lethal. He dropped at 40 yards.
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