Shane J. Olson hunting Elk with the Bear Anarchy bow, Fletcher 44 caliper release, Beman ICS Hunter 340 arrows, Thunderhead 125 fixed blade broadheads.

Shane J. Olson
Montana, USA
The Story
I was in my tree stand early and had been breaking branches to clear spots in my shooting lanes. I was facing my tree and heard footsteps. I initially thought it was another hunter passing through the area. When I looked to my left I saw this young 5X5 bull standing about 25 yards away. I slowly grabbed my bow and drew. He started moving off, quartering away, then stopped by a tree I had ranged earlier. I settled my 30 yard pin close to the rear edge of his rib cage and squeezed. The bull ran in a half circle and went down 50 yards behind my tree. The arrow had gone in at an angle and ended up lodged in the opposite shoulder. All I can say is, always be ready! I had unknowingly called in a bull by busting branches! Curiosity got the bull!
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