Darrin L Haynes hunting Whitetail Deer with the Bear Lights Out Bow, API Grand Slam Tree Stand,Scott Realease, Rage Three Blade,Heater Body Suit,Rocky Boots,Buck Bomb Sents

Darrin L Haynes
Mcdowell county, West Virginia
The Story
Here in West Virginia we have four counties that are bow only and they hold some great deer.I have had trail cam pictures of this deer for three years.I knew with the rut approaching and some new pictures of him I need to hunt hard that week.On November 17 I had just climbed into my tree and had a buck run a doe by my stand I couldn't see but could hear him grunting.About eleven that day they were back in the area and agian at twelve.About one I saw some deer coming my way,not the buck.Then anouther doe and behind her was the buck and they came within twenty yards yards facing me.I had drawn my bow and held for a better shot at !7 yards.The shot was high but I got one lung.He ran off then stopped then walked off and fell dead about3-400 yards.
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