Rocky Bowker hunting Whitetail Deer with the

Rocky Bowker
Dickson county, Tennessee
Bear Kodiak Hunter Recurve
The Story
It was a beautiful fall day in Tennessee and I was glad to have my dad hunting with me this afternoon. Long story short, following other buck activity, I had this 9 pt. out of range, angling away, when I gave some doe bleats with a can call. He heard the 2nd one and snapped his head back my way and stared as I gave a couple more. He looked for a moment but then my heart sank as he took a couple more steps away. I gave a few more calls and he looked again, then, turned around and came back to me on a rope. He walked by at 5 yards and at about 8 yards I bawled to stop him as I drew my bow and as he did, I let the arrow fly. Nothing like a blood trail with big buck bounty at the end!
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