Steve Shirmer hunting Whitetail Deer with the 2010 Bear Attack, Truglo Carbon SX sight, Doinker Chubby Hunter, Code Red Rip Cord, Gold Tip Pro Hunter, Rage Broadhead

Steve Shirmer
Perry county, Pennsylvania
The Story
I had a day off as tropical storm Sandy moved through PA. I noticed some buck chasing doe in the previous days so it was the beginning of the rut. With the day off I decided to do a little stalking and hunt from the ground as it was a little breezy with some consistent drizzle. Towards the end of my loop i noticed this buck get up at about 70yds. I dropped to a knee and grunted. The buck slowly worked its way in with a little more coaxing from the grunt tube. At 20 yds he walked behind a large oak I came to full draw with my smooth drawing bear attack. I froze him at 10 yds complete pass through dropped him after just a few yds. An exciting rainy day hunt, you never know!
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