John Quinn hunting Whitetail Deer with the Bear Encounter, Easton Epic 400 gr arrows,G5 Stryker broadheads 100 gr. QAD HD arrow rest, TruFire Realtree release, Realtree AP camoflauge, Scent-A-Way products, Bob Kerschner Doe In Estrous scents

John Quinn
Garrett county, Maryland
The Story
Started to bleat and grunt softly around 7:30. Did a sequence with a rattling bag and then did a few more bleats and soft grunts. As soon as I stopped I heard footsteps behind me coming through the leaves. Walked not more than 10 yards from the stand and out to around 18 yards. Wouldn't give a good shot as he fed facing away from me. Started to walk away and put his nose up in the air and smelled something and came back. He stopped 15 yards from the stand broadside and went around 75 yards and dropped. This was my first deer with my new Bear Encounter bow!Very smooth and very quiet! I love it!
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